‘Supergirl’ Recap ‘Dangerous Liaisons’

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Supergirl Recap ‘Dangerous Liaisons’

Now that Maleifc has been taken down, Team Supergirl can go back to their regular lives. For Kara, this means joining forces with William to investigate Andrea. While they look into the Rojas family and the disappearance of William’s best friend, Russell, Andrea is preparing for the release of the Obsidian lenses. Andrea is planning something bigger than just letting the world experience virtual reality, but the full scope has yet to be revealed.

There’s a new baddie on the scene and he goes by the name of Rip Roar. The villain steals one of Lex’s inventions. At first, Kara thinks that he is working for Andrea, since she has connections to the two other villains the DEO has brought in. However, when Rip Roar triggers a tidal wave, she realizes that he couldn’t be working for Andrea. His attack would’ve harmed the Obsidian release. Team Supergirl apprehend Rip Roar, and, surprise, it’s really Russell. He tells Kara that he doesn’t know who he is working for. Leviathan just tells him what to do.

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Kara goes back to the drawing board to figure out how Andrea fits into everything going on. Little does she know that Andrea is in league with Leviathan, who are impressed by Obsidian. The end of the episode has Andrea being confronted by a Leviathan spokesperson who asks her to take care of Russell. Will we soon see Andrea in a super suit being more proactive? It’s highly likely, especially with Russell in DEO custody.

Meanwhile, Lena spends the episode running experiments on Malefic. She is intrigued by his mind control and wants to harness that power so she can rid humans of their instinct to hurt. Lena studies his brainwaves as Malefic subdues various violent aliens. To her joy, he is able to turn even the most fearsome beast docile. In exchange for his help, Malefic asks Lena to help him with J’onn. She agrees, but turns the tables on him. She uses his own mind control against him.

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I’m curious to see how all of this is going to play out, and it’s surprising to have so many pieces falling into place this early in the season. It’s rare for there to be so much laid out. However, the upcoming Crisis could throw a wrench in all that. The question now becomes, how are Andrea, Lena, and Leviathan going to connect. Will Lena end up using her research against the evil syndicate, or will she conquer Leviathan and use them? She is traveling further and further down the dark path, doing whatever necessary to ensure “the greater good.”

Next week’s episode is entitled ‘Confidence Women.’


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