‘Supergirl’ Recap ‘Menagerie’

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Supergirl Recap ‘Menagerie’

There’s a new alien threat in town and it attaches itself to Pamela Ferrer, who starts using her new partner to help her steal jewels. Now that J’onn has decided to become a private investigator, he tackles this new spree of killings orchestrated by Ferrer, AKA Menagerie. Kara tags along, wanting something to do since she can’t help with the DEO. This case, however, is also being followed by Alex. The three accidentally meet up at the home of the latest target, the head of alien relations, and the evidence from the scene leads them straight to Ferrer. Kara wants to tag along, but Alex refuses, telling her show won’t allow her sister to be in harm’s way. Kara then feeds Alex a bogus story about coming along for journalistic purposes, and Alex finally relents. They arrive at Ferrer’s apartment and are attacked. The alien hurts Kara, but of course it didn’t do any real damage. Ferrer gets away and Alex is furious that Kara came along.

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Meanwhile, the Sons of Liberty are on the move once more. This time, they are led by Ben’s son, George, who wants to live up to his father’s name. Their target is Ferrer. The President hears the cries of the people to release Ben from prison, but orders that he be made example of. Colonel Haley calls a meeting with Lena Luthor because word has reached the government’s ears that she is running experiments to grant humans super abilities. Haley tells Lena that the government is willing to fund her research. Lena doesn’t give an answer right away. When she tells James about this new deal, he admits that though he supports her, he doesn’t support her work. He has tried to be okay with it, but can’t bring himself to continue showing support. The two break up, to which Lena says “It was inevitable.”

Ferrer’s next target is a jewel gala. The DEO, Supergirl, and the Sons of Liberty are all there waiting for her, but she isn’t going to go down without a fight. Alex and Kara spend more time trying to protect the Sons than fending off Ferrer, and it almost costs Kara her life. Thankfully, Nia saw the attack in a dream. She has been struggling with the idea of becoming a superhero, but she can no longer stand idly by. She dons the costume her mother wore and comes to Kara’s aide, saving her life. Ferrer goes down and Alex is going to take her into custody when the Sons attack. George cuts off the head of the alien coming out of Ferrer’s spine. Afterward, the Sons take all the credit for stopping the threat, which causes so many issues. Alex tells Haley that they need to tell the press how much of an interference the Sons were, but Haley says if they did that, they would have to give credit to Supergirl. They let George take the spotlight. This then leads to the release of Ben from prison.

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Things are moving along as we draw closer to the finale, and I wonder just how everything is going to piece together. Ben is free and the Sons have their fearless leader back, but Kara must realize how hard it is going to be to take them down. Even with Ben gone, the followers kept up the attack. George proved that he could step in and be the new voice as Agent Liberty if need be. Now that Kara isn’t working alone anymore, perhaps things will start looking up. It was great to see Nia finally embrace her powers, though she still has a lot to learn. There’s also the threat of Lena allowing the government to interfere with her research. As soon as she is successful, they will take it away from her. This poses a serious threat to Kara and all other aliens.

Next week’s episode is entitled ‘What’s So Funny About Truth, Justice, and the American Way.’