‘Supergirl’ Recap ‘Red Dawn’

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Supergirl Recap ‘Red Dawn’

Kara is taken into custody by the secret service following her meeting with the president. She knocks out his men, but is then attacked by Red Daughter. The Kaznian tells Kara that she’s supposed to kill her, but she spends so much time gloating that Kara is able to break free from her Kryptonite bonds and escape. She then instantly goes to the DEO as Supergirl. Lena already broke the news to Alex and Brainy, but Kara is worried for her sister’s safety. She wants nothing more than to tell Alex the truth, but J’onn tells her the mind-wipe can’t be reversed. He also fears that telling her the truth will break Alex. For now, Kara just has to insist that Alex stay at the DEO and not search for Lex, Red Daughter, or Lockwood. Unfortunately, Red Daughter has gone after Eliza.

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Meanwhile, Brainy, Nia, and J’onn track down the location of the aliens being sent away. Brainy and Nia try to get in, but the alien-sniffing dogs see right through Brainy’s disguise as Lockwood. The two are separated and Brainy tortured. Brainy is electrocuted and takes a hard blow to the head, which essentially reboots his system. He is now closer to his original creation, his ideals more in-line with those who came before him. Brainy escapes, but instead of freeing Nia, he tells her that she must go through the portal, then astral project her location to him. Nia is incredibly upset that he abandons her. J’onn tries to talk to Brainy about it, but he is knocked out and left behind to make the trip with Nia.

Lena and James team up to confront Lockwood, who is still riding the high from taking the Haren-El. Lena confronts him about working for Lex, which Lockwood denies. He was being used the whole time and his ideals were never his own. Lena and James follow Lockwood to Otis Graves’ location. A fight breaks out and Lockwood is about to kill Otis when James joins the fray. Lockwood can’t be stopped though, and he pulls out Otis’ Kryptonite heart. Lena and James are forced to retreat as James’ condition becomes unstable. They return to Lena’s lab where Lillian is waiting. She and Lena have joined forces to figure out how to extract Haren-El from a subject. Lena wants to cure James, but he insists that he retain his power. They don’t know what’s coming. Instead, Lillian stabilizes him with an injection of more Haren-El.

Kara flies off to save Eliza, and the showdown between Supergirl and Red Daughter begins. The two are pretty evenly matched, but then Red Daughter reveals that she has developed some powers that Kara doesn’t have. She can shoot what looks like electricity. Kara continues to take the beating, trying to sway Red Daughter’s opinion of Lex. She tells her that he will eventually betray her. Red Daughter doesn’t believe her and continues the onslaught. That’s when Alex arrives on the scene. As she watched Kara get the snot beat out of her, Alex keeps having flashes of memories of Kara having powers. That’s when she realizes the truth. But it’s too late. Red Daughter kills Kara, then flies off. Alex rushes to her sister’s side, begging her to come back. She tells her to harness the sunlight in the grass, which is eventually what happens. Kara comes back to life and the two are so happy to have each other back.

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And she’s going to need her. Lex has made his move, making Red Daughter attack Kaznia. He then flies in in his amped up Lexosuit, killing the clone. The president declares that Supergirl is dead and Lex is an American hero.

The season finale of Supergirl is next week and is entitled ‘The Quest For Peace.’


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