‘Supergirl’ Recap ‘Stranger Beside Me’

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Supergirl Recap ‘Stranger Beside Me’

J’onn’s brother is in town, though he never even knew he had one. He enlists the help of Kelly in order to get to the bottom of Malefic’s appearance, learning that his brother was a traitor. Now, he is working with the White Martians and has a goal to “wake J’onn up.” Doesn’t sound too good. Malefic does some research into J’onn’s friends, but is caught by Alex. He knocks her out, assumes her identity, and then has a one-on-one with Supergirl. The mistaken identities continue, but Alex is finally able to weed out who is real when she is faced with two Kellys. Malefic is forced to flee.

Kara is struggling at work as she faces more pressure from Andrea and her lackey, William Day. All three butt heads over how to write articles, but Kara refuses to back down. She will continue to push back, even while on fashion beat. William starts following Kara, hoping to dig up dirt on her and ruin her career. Things would be very bad if he were to find out the truth, so Kara now has to be extra careful when changing into Supergirl.

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Meanwhile, Lena has kidnapped Eve and locked her in the lab. She questions her, trying to figure out if she can trust Eve or not. During the interrogation, Andrea arrives and Lena hides Eve away. They have a heated argument about the Obsidian tech, with Andrea saying the whole thing was her idea. She can take it from Lena if she wanted, so Lena had better watch her step. With Andrea gone, Eve tells Lena that she could’ve called the authorities ago, but didn’t because she is Lena’s friend. The lie detector proves that she is telling the truth. Lena thanks Eve for being a trustworthy friend. However, Lena had an ulterior motive.

Lena wants to fix humanity and Eve is her first subject. While she had Eve talking, she was using Hope to map her previous assistants mind. Now, Hope knows which parts of Eve’s brain are worth retaining. Hope takes over Eve’s body. Lena believes that humans and aliens are flawed. With her tech, she can change all that. Lena will erase the parts of people that cause them to hurt others.

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Things are not boding well for humanity if Lena continues to replace people with machines. Has she really never seen any science fiction movies? This also doesn’t look good for Kara. What if Lena tries to have Hope take over her? She wants Kara to suffer for the lies she kept, but this is surely a weird way to go about it. I think that Hope is going to turn into a malicious program and derail all of Lena’s plans. Hopefully, Lena won’t be too far gone to come back to the light.

Next week’s episode is entitled ‘Blurred Lines.’


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