‘Supergirl’ Recap ‘The House of L’

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Supergirl Recap ‘The House of L’

During last night’s new episode of Supergirl, we learn what Lex has been doing the past 3 years. Lex has been pulling the strings behind the rise of the Sons of Liberty, as well as the trianing of theKaznian Supergirl, all while being in prison, which he claims is the best alibi. Lex has been manipulating this copy of Supergirl in order to use her against America, feeding her lies about her other self and the world she lives in. Lex even goes so far as to frame America for the murder of a young boy she cares about.

Supergirl is habing her doubts, however, when Lex actually takes her to National City. She sees the world the true Kara lives in, even going so far as to break into her apartment. She poses as Kara, interacting with Alex and Lena, which futher strengthens her idea that Lex might be wrong. After Lex bombs the young boy, the duplicate changes her tune, but goes a bit too far, forcing Lex to clean up her mess before anyone finds out about her existence. Later, the Kaznian Supergirl starts bleeding. Eve says that since she was created by the Haren-El (they think), maybe the Black Kryptonite can cure her. Unfortunately, Lena can’t quite crack the code to making it work. That’s when Lex decides to give himself cancer. Lena will work faster to save him.

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And then we’re back to present day where Lex has escaped from his prison and can start the final stages of his plan. He wants to ultimate revenge against Superman, and turning humanity against aliens is on the agenda. He ordered the Graves siblings to recruit Ben Lockwood to their cause and is using the copy of Supergirl. He kept telling her that she might one day have to become the real thing, so I’m thinking that he will use her as the final straw to rid Earth of aliens. If she becomes the true Supergirl and, say, murders the president or Ben Lockwood, that would cement the decision to erradicate alien life from Earth. Lex even said that he wants to be the beacon of light when things are bad.

The only thing that might be able to stop the upcoming battle is Alex. Kaznian Supergirl knew nothing when she appearaed at the military facility, a “blank slate.” All she remembered was the name “Alex,” which Lex stole when she misheard his name. Alex is the most important person in Kara’s life, so it’s not surprising that Kaznian Supergirl would remember that. Some things just aren’t so easily forgotten. Alex might be the key, but with her memory of Kara’s identity erased, what will that mean for the upcoming battle? I’m interested to see how everything is going play out and really have no idea how the season is going to wrap up.

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Next week’s episode is entitled ‘All About Eve.’