‘Supergirl’ Season Finale Recap ‘The Quest for Peace’

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Supergirl Season Finale Recap ‘The Quest for Peace’

The Season 4 finale of Supergirl begins by going back to what Lex has been doing the past couple of hours. He sends Red Daughter off to kill Eliza Danvers, knowing that the best way to break Supergirl is by going after her heart. He then continues to build his Lex suit, which involves harnessing power from aliens. Once it’s strong enough, he launches the Kaznian attack on America, then swoops in to save the day. After Red Daughter “kills” Supergirl and returns to find her country in ruin, she realizes that Kara was right. Lex betrayed her. She attacks him, but he was prepared for this. Red Daughter is defeated, and though he says that she is dead, she survived. Lex puts her in one of the tubes that feeds his suit.

Kara meets back up with Lena and Brainy as they try to figure out their next move. Kara wants to push forward with the exposé on Lex. They are interrupted when the President announces that Lex is the new head of Alien Affairs. That’s when Lena gets an invitation from Lex to visit the White House. Lena and Lillian arrive to find Lex, who boasts his grand plan. Then, he leaves them alone with Eve and some men. Lena attacks Eve, taking the gun, while Lillian maces the guards. They make their escape.

The final battle begins with all the players finally meeting at Lex’s facility. Nia and J’onn were captured by Lex’s goons and Nia astral projects her location to Brainy. Kara takes on Lex, who is shocked to see her there, while James and Alex fight Lockwood. Thanks to Lena’s Supergirl suit, Kara is able to stand up to Lex’s Kryptonite blasts, but the suit can only take so much fire. Luckily, Nia, J’onn, and a returned-to-normal Brainy are able to shut down the machine powering the suit. All of the aliens run free, including Red Daughter. In the fight with Lockwood, James sustains an eye injury, but they got the opening they needed to inject Lockwood with the Haren-El cure. Lockwood is human again. Kara has been beaten down and the suit won’t be able to protect her from another hit. Lex summons all his remaining power and fires, but Red Daughter jumps in the way, saving Kara’s life. Red Daughter dies in Kara’s arms.

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With the suit malfunctioning and receiving a boost in power thanks to Red Daughter, Kara beats Lex. He is falling out of the sky when Kara catches him, but Lex refuses to be saved by a Kryptonian. Lex allows himself to fall to his death. However, the mastermind had one more trick up his sleeve. At the last minute, he used his superpower (thanks to the Haren-El) to warp into his lab. And who should be waiting there for him? Lena. Lex knew she would figure out where his base of operations was, then asks Lena to help him up. Instead, she pulls a gun on him. Lex tells her that she’ll never pull the trigger. No matter what he does, Lena won’t hurt him because they’re family. Lena shoots him twice in the chest. As Lex dies, he delivers the final blow. He brings up footage of Kara using her powers, revealing to Lena at last that she is Supergirl. And not just that Kara has been lying about her powers, but that everyone else also knew and kept it a secret. Lena has no true friends. With that, Lex dies.

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The world slowly starts to repair itself following all of Lex’s scheming. The President is removed from office, Lockwood is in prison once more, and Colonel Haley is the temporary Director of Alien Affairs. George Lockwood even goes on the news telling people that they have to find a better way to coexist. James also had the Haren-El removed from his system and is recovering from his injury, but is glad to be human once more. The group hold a game night and Lena does show up, despite everything, but she is hurting. Kara and Alex have a quick conversation about telling her the truth, but Alex thinks Lena has been suffering enough lately with all the Lex business, so now isn’t the right time. Kara eventually agrees to keep it a secret just a little bit longer. But Lena is feeling the betrayal, and she is now headed down a dark path. Meanwhile, Eve is on the run, but an old woman tells her that no wig can hide her. Wherever she goes, Leviathan will find her. So I’m guessing Leviathan will be next season’s big bad.

But wait! There’s more! Monitor has arrived to once more advance his plans. Just like on Arrow and The Flash, we get a major tease for the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover. Monitor opens a portal and releases J’onn J’onzz brother, Ma’alefa’ak. And he is determined to defeat his bother. Monitor then appears in Lex’s lab, where the evil mastermind lies dead. Monitor uses his powers to possibly revive Lex, but it’s not clear what he does because the screen cuts to black. Overall, this was a very strong finale and I can’t wait to see what comes next for Supergirl and the Arrowverse.


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