‘Supergirl’ Recap ‘Tremors’

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Supergirl Recap ‘Tremors’

Team Supergirl continues their quest to track down Leviathan, and the whole ordeal has Kara anxious. The organization is more powerful than the realize. Leviathan is on the move following the loss of the medallion last week as Margot pays Lena a visit. When she fails to return with the medallion, Rama Khan, who appears to be the leader and found of Leviathan vows to get it back. We learn this week that the organization has been around for a long, long time, and not all their members are human. Rama is an alien and talks about the extinction of the dinosaurs when the ship landed on Earth. Since then, he has tried to keep the humans at bay from destroying everything.

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Rama targets Lena, but Supergirl shows up to save her. Afterward, Kara reveals the existence of the Fortress of Solitude and that a bunch of Lex’s old weapons are kept there. One of them can help stop Rama, who has the ability to control earth (aka, an Earthbender). She and Lena head there, which is all part of Lena’s plan. Rama attacks, but the duo are ready for him. Kara turns the tables by exposing him to Kryptonian conditions, and in the end, Lena delivers the final blow to subdue him.

Meanwhile, J’onn is struggling since the attack on the DEO last week because he senses his brother everywhere. He knows that Malefic is still out there, despite having been banished to the Phantom Zone. J’onn consults his father, who tells him that he has to be willing to almost die in order to save Malefic. J’onn uses the Phantom Zone portal on himself and is transported to Lena’s lab where he finds his brother. Malfic is still angry at J’onn and refuses to listen. J’onn lets down his psychic guard and allows his brother to experience his pain. In the end, it seems the two brothers have reconciled a little bit. Now, they just have to figure out how to get out of the lab.

Though they made up, another duo reaches their breaking point. After defeating Rama, Kara catches Lena trying to leave the Fortress with Myriad. Kara confronts her and Lena lays out the whole truth. She tells Kara that she knew her secret before being told by Kara and that she’s been using her ever since then. Lena admits she murdered Lex. Kara tries to apologize for the betrayal, and asks why Lena didn’t come talk to her, or out her at the Pulitzer party. Lena tells her she wanted Kara to suffer like she did. Then, Lena traps Kara inside one of the Fortress’ defenses that is slowly poisoning her with Kryptonite. Lena leaves with Myriad.

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Wow, there was a lot to unpack in this episode. We found out that Leviathan is run by aliens and have been around for a long time. They have a whole lot of tricks up their sleeve. Then came the gut punch at the end with Lena and Kara. Katie McGrath absolutely killed that scene and it was so sad to see what’s probably the end of Kara and Lena’s friendship. Lena told Kara not to treat her like a villain because she isn’t one, but she sure has been acting like one.

Supergirl is on break next week, returning December 1st with the episode ‘The Wrath of Rama Khan.’


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