‘Supergirl’ Season Premiere Recap ‘American Alien’

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Supergirl Season Premiere Recap ‘American Alien’

Things are going well for Supergirl in the months following the attack by Reign and the Dark Kryptonians. She is solving the problems of the city left and right, but there are tensions building beneath that surface that Kara doesn’t know how to fight. Enter siblings Mercy and Otis Graves, former members of Cadmus and associates of Lex Luthor. Using a series of alien-suppressing devices, the subdue Supergirl and steal from a lab. They then stage an assassination of President Marsdin. With the help of the DEO, Supergirl stops the attack, but Mercy gets away. Unfortunately, that was only part of the Graves’ plan. A video caught footage of the president shifting into her true alien form in order to deflect a bullet. Now, the whole world knows the truth, and they aren’t happy about this.

While investigating the Graves’ secret hideout, Kara finds out that the public isn’t happy about aliens on Earth, and the siblings are running an underground chat room and providing answers on how to get rid of these so called invaders. Kara doesn’t know how to combat this, reaching out to J’onn for help. He refuses to get involved as he has turned over a new leaf. J’onn wishes to honor his father’s memory and has taken a route of non-violence. He tells Kara that he knows she will figure out the solution to the problem, but now that the president’s secret is out and Mercy escaped, things are about to get a whole lot harder.

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Following his decision to out himself as Guardian, James is faced with a court case. Lena goes behind his back, meeting with her mother in prison and getting information that could potentially be used to leverage the DA. She succeeds in finding dirt on one of their former associates who was using Lex Corp to launder money. Lena turns this over to the DA in exchange for an acquittal. James is freed, but if he is ever to appear as the Guardian again, he will be arrested and imprisoned.

Even though her brother is in custody, Mercy doesn’t seem too upset by that. She has captured another alien, and a friend of J’onn’s. Fiona begs for her life, but she is murdered by Agent Liberty. In the final moments of the episode, we travel to the border of Siberia where our duplicate Kara is working to build an underground tunnel. I for sure want to know what’s going on with this, but the creators have already said that it’s going to be a while before we get any answers as to why there is another Kara.

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Overall, this was a good start to the season. I am interested to see how everything is going to work out with, what I’m guessing, is the season-long theme of tolerance. The tension between humans and aliens is something that has been growing since the second season, so it’s exciting to finally see that come to forefront.