‘The Big Bang Theory’ Recap “The Conference Valuation”


Penny is overworking her sales team, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing, they’re scared of her, she’s scared of Bernadette, it’s a great cycle. Anyway, Penny’s work is about to pay off because Bernadette’s drug is being shown at a conference.

Bernie’s rival, Danny, is there too. Not helping his cause, he tries to recruit Penny to work for him. Bernie is not happy and they start fighting. Penny meets with Danny after their fight and Bernie


Howard enlists the help of the guys to help him babysit. They play card games, board games and Amy came too! Sheldon found a book about experimenting on children. Howard, of course, being the awesome father he is, says no. Amy helps by explaining that the experiments are harmless. It’s more like playing a game with them.

They’re having fun but Leonard begins having a breakdown as these experiments remind him of his childhood. He calls his mother and she admits that she enjoyed spending that time with him. It’s heartfelt in an odd way.


Dammit Karen! Is Amy going to be pregnant by the end of the series? I love how she is getting Sheldon to love kids so they can have some. I was kind of hoping it would be Penny, but I think Amy would be a wonderful mother. Either way, they’ve been hinting that someone is going to be pregnant.