‘The Big Bang Theory’ Recap “The Confirmation Polarization”

In the middle of Fun with Flags, Fermi Lab emails Amy about their paper. Their theory was supported and they could be Nobelaureates. Two Fermi Lab scientists are being flown out to LA to meet them.


Kal Penn and Sean Astin as Dr’s  Campbell and Pemberton, are getting lunch with ShAmy seemingly to praise them for their work. It turns out that they are trying to take credit for super asymmetry… So Sheldon confronts them about it. Everyone wants a Nobel Prize but only 3 people can share one. They want to cut Amy out.


Sheldon tells Amy this and she’s surprisingly understanding. She doesn’t want to stand in Sheldon’s way but Sheldon refuses to let Amy get left behind. President Siebert also understands even if this will cause conflict between the university and Fermi Lab.

Bernie has exciting news- the drug she’s been working on got FDA approved! She wants Penny to head her sales team but Penny isn’t super excited about it. She’s trying really hard to get out of this. Bernie finds out and Penny comes clean. She doesn’t feel like she’s good enough.

Bernie works her magic and Penny agrees to do it. She also rocks it on the first day.


I enjoyed this episode. Sheldon has grown so much since Amy came into his life and I’m so proud of him for sticking up for her. Also, I never thought I’d hate Kal Penn or Sean Astin. That was a surprise. All in all, I liked this episode and I can’t wait to see how this plays out.