‘The Big Bang Theory’ Recap “The Consummation Deviation”


It’s not quite Valentines Day but Raj is thinking about it now, because he wants everyone to come to India for his wedding. Everyone’s excited about it. Before the wedding, Anu thinks it’s important that they are compatible in bed, so the two plan a fun night for the weekend. Raj breaks the news to Leonard and Howard and he’s nervous. When they don’t help, he goes to Penny and Bernadette. He doesn’t believe that women can be bad at sex, too.


Raj is so nervous that he reverts back to when he can’t talk to women unless he’s drunk. Anu is upset and wants to know what’s going on. He explains his issue and Anu understands. She admits that she hates music and they make up. They spend the night talking and save the fun for the morning.

Sheldon is planning a fun day for Amy while he spends some time with her parents. He’s starting with her father. Sheldon shows Larry around when he meets Howard at the comic book store. Howard performs a magic trick and Larry is impressed. Howard kind of hijacks Sheldon’s Father-in-law/son-in-law day of bonding.


Upset, Sheldon visits Amy’s mother. Seeing the selfie, Amy is concerned. She lied to her mother saying that Sheldon is the reason Amy never visits. Amy’s mother and Sheldon bond over being upset with Amy. ShAmy is now going over for Thanksgiving.


This episode was cute. The vegetable thing threw me off, but I loved that Sheldon wanted to bond with Amy’s parents. It was sweet. I also loved that Amy’s dad ended up bonding with Howard over magic. I don’t do blood, but his trick was cute. Also, Raj and Anu seem perfect for each other. Originally, I didn’t like her for him, but she’s growing on me.