‘The Big Bang Theory’ Recap “The D&D Vortex”


Sheldon has finally made it onto Professor Proton! He and Amy are on TV to attempt to explain super asymmetry to nine-year-olds. William Shatner, AKA Bill (not captain, he doesn’t like that) drops by to meet Sheldon and Sheldon vomits all over him.

Sheldon visits Wil Wheaton to apologize and overhears William Shatner playing D&D in the background. Now the boys are trying to figure out who Wil is playing with and how they can get invited. One of them is Stuart. The other guests are Kevin Smith, Kareem Abdul- Jabbar and Joe Manganiello.


Stuart backs out so Wil invites Leonard. Leonard has the best time and ends up telling Penny everything. Penny, in turn, tells Bernadette and Amy. They decide to get in on the D&D action.


Wil cans Leonard. There’s an open seat and the boys bombard Wil’s house. Turns out there were three, the girls were invited.


I enjoyed this episode, it’s about time William Shatner was on the show. I’ve tried playing D&D and didn’t quite get the appeal. That might’ve been because the Dungeon Master wasn’t as good a story teller as Howard or Leonard. Maybe I’ll try a campaign again soon.