‘The Big Bang Theory’ Recap “The Grant Allocation Derivation”

Howard and Bernadette bought their kids a playhouse. Bernie is a little grumpy because she hasn’t had any time to herself. She comes home from work the next evening to hear Howard trying to handle the kids. It’s not going well so she decides to hide in the playhouse.


Leonard pops in to see President Siebert. He wants Leonard to decide where the rest of the grant money goes. It’s a big honor to have his sole discretion. Leonard wants to take this job seriously, but no one else seems to be. He denies frivolous requests left and right and Penny is really impressed, she finds this side of him very sexy.

Penny brags about the request he didn’t deny to Bernie who feels guilty about lying to Howard. Penny thinks its normal to want time to herself but thinks its sad that she has to hide out in her own backyard.


Leonard narrowed the decision down to Raj’s, Barry’s and the weird crow lady, Dr. Lee. They are pressuring him to decide and he snaps. He’s really struggling to make this decision. His whininess causes Penny to follow Bernadette into the playhouse. Amy catches Penny in the hall and makes Penny explain what’s going on. Penny invites her to join the “secret club.” It turns out Howard knows about Bernie hiding out in the playhouse. Howard just pretends that he doesn’t know because that’s how marriage works.

Leonard ultimately chose a fourth option: fund yourself.


I really enjoyed this episode. I don’t think we’ve seen Leonard in this type of role before and it was nice to see him take charge. He was a little whiny but that’s Leonard for you. I am proud of Leonard for choosing himself. He deserved the honor and his project is just as important as everyone else’s. Next week Amy’s dad is back!