‘The Big Bang Theory’ Recap “The Inspiration Deprivation”

CBS/ Michael Yarish

Amy and Sheldon were called into the Human Resources office, probably due to Amy’s outburst last episode. President Siebert is very upset and needs to figure out how to do damage control. If Amy wins, she’d be the 4th woman ever to win a Nobel Prize in Physics. The pressure is on.


Penny and Leonard try to calm them down by taking them to a sensory deprivation tank. Sheldon responds surprisingly well to the tank but Amy is probably more stressed out than she was before. If she doesn’t win, she feels she’ll be letting down women everywhere.

Sheldon needs help consoling his wife. He decides to pretend to freak out by using literally figuratively so she’ll focus on him. When that doesn’t work, he sings Soft Kitty to her which works.


Howard sees a scooter for sale that reminds him of the one he had earlier in the series. He buys it behind Bernadette’s back and Bernie is mad. Howard misses the freedom of his younger days but Bernie doesn’t want something bad to happen to him. His kids need their father. Needless to say, Howard sells the scooter to Bert. Bert actually meets a girl with the scooter, a nice E.R. nurse.


This episode was so cute. Sheldon actually comforted his wife and it was adorable! This episode was great, but it is one of those episodes where I almost wish the secondary storyline didn’t exist. I love Howard, Bernadette, and Raj but Amy’s emotional story was very powerful and I wish we focused more on that. I can’t wait for next week’s episode!


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