‘The Big Bang Theory’ recap “The Maternal Conclusion”


Beverly is coming to visit and Leonard doesn’t want to pick her up from the airport, but he does so he doesn’t look like a bad son. Things are strained, as always, but Beverly is actually excited to stay with them instead of a hotel. She’s actually taking an interest in Leonard’s work which drives Sheldon insane. Wait, why is she being so nice?

She’s doing research for her next book… testing out how different parenting styles affect a child’s success. Leonard is incredibly hurt to know that she was hanging out with him for work. Leonard finally gets the guts to tell her how she failed him. Instead, he forgives her because she’ll never change and he has to accept that. In a weird turn of events, she thanks him and gives him a hug. He hugs her back.


Anu has been away for business and she has been offered a job, in London. Like a good couple, they discuss their options. Raj is considering moving to London and asking Anu to marry him. He’s flying out the next day.

Howard and Bernadette don’t think this is a good idea so Howard rushes off to stop him. Howard tells Raj that when he proposes to someone on Notting Hill, it should be to someone who knows what that means. Raj agrees to come home.

Denise has been staying over a lot and Bernadette and Howard are starting to feel as if they have another roommate. Denise is always over because she has a super creepy roommate. They try to compromise but Stuart blames himself for not agreeing to move in with her when she had the chance. They let Mitch down easy and Stuart finally tells Denise that he loves her!


I literally cried when Leonard forgave Beverly and they hugged! I never thought that would happen. I expected to cry next week during the finale! I wonder what is going to happen with Raj and Anu. I am rooting for them, but Howard does have a point.


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