‘The Big Bang Theory’ Recap “The Plagiarism Schism”


After Amy’s outburst, President Siebert has ShAmy get together with Dr. Campbell and Dr. Pemberton to clear the air. They agree to try to be civil. It turns out that Pemberton went to college with Barry Kripke. Kripke is not a fan, calling Pemberton a weasel. Does Pemberton plagiarize?

ShAmy consults the group about what to do. The group is torn. Bernie and Leonard are for exposing him but Penny and Howard are against it. Leonard takes it upon himself to take Kripke’s evidence to decide what to do.


Amy accuses Leonard and Penny of being shady and Penny spills the beans. Since ShAmy took the high road, Penny tells her what Leonard did. Amy tells Sheldon. Leonard justifies his actions by saying it saves ShAmy’s face and Pemberton goes down.

ShAmy decides to invite Campbell and Pemberton to lunch to warn them that they know about his plagiarism. This spurs a fight between Pemberton and Campbell after Campbell admits he loves Pemberton’s wife. Campbell rats out Pemberton and asks to join ShAmy… he gets rejected.


Howard’s revelation was adorable, and it’s about time. I knew he knew it but to hear him say it out loud was perfect. You know what else is perfect? Kal Penn and Sean Astin’s fight. This episode was good, but I feel like they dragged the issue a bit too long. With only 3 episodes left, I’d hope that they’d be wrapping things up, not drawing things out.


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