‘The Big Bang Theory’ Recap “The Procreation Calculation”


Raj is meeting his future bride for the first time. He’s excited about it but the others are a little skeptical. They don’t think he should marry a woman that he only met once.


On the date, Raj is initially super awkward but after a while, it gets better and they feel more comfortable in their decision to go through with the arrangement.

Raj sends Penny and Leonard the marriage questionnaire that he and Anu had to fill out to be paired together. Penny comes to the conclusion that she might not want kids after she and Leonard go through the questionnaire. Bernadette tries to change her mind. Penny is not happy with Bernadette’s pushing.


Penny brings it up to Leonard that she doesn’t want to have kids and he’s upset. He confides in Sheldon that he always thought they’d have kids but now he’s not sure. Amy is also upset because she envisioned her kids and Penny’s kids being best friends and growing up together.

Howard eventually apologies for being a jerk about Raj’s arrangement because it seems like something Raj really wants. Raj tries to back out of the arrangement because he is a hopeless romantic, but Anu, seeing his amazing qualities, wants to make it work and proposes. Raj said YES!


Raj is getting married, guys!! Oh my god, he’s going to have the best wedding ever! I feel like they are wrapping storylines up but I might have gotten whiplash because it was so fast paced. I loved every minute of this episode, though, especially Penny admitting that she wouldn’t throw a rock at kids. I also like how they touched on Penny not wanting kids because not every girl dreams of being a mom. I personally appreciate her viewpoint.