‘The Big Bang Theory’ Recap “The Propagation Proposition”

The girls are having a night out while the boys are playing DnD (some things never change). While out, Zack buys them a $300 bottle of Champagne. He is happily married now, sold his company, retired and has a boat. He offers to have Penny and Leonard over to the boat for dinner. Leonard and Penny are slightly jealous.

Zack and Marissa want to have a baby but Zack is infertile. They ask Leonard to be the father of their baby. Things get a little uncomfortable. Zack really admires Leonard but Penny is not thrilled. Penny eventually comes around seeing as how much having kids means to him.


Anu and Raj are still fighting and tries to make it up to her Love Actually style. He apologizes to her but she can’t get over him saying he can’t trust her. Anu tries to break up with him but he takes no for an answer. The wedding is still off.

Raj’s dad calls to figure out what happened and also to call him a dope. He tells Raj that if he still wants to get married, then he should make things right. And that’s what Raj does. He asks her out to start the relationship from the beginning, not the middle.


Love Actually is one of my favorite movies and this episode is by far my favorite of the series! There was so much character growth in this episode and I’m so proud of Raj and Anu for not giving up. I am so excited to see where these characters go next. Although, with the ending looming over our heads, I’m beginning to drive myself crazy with theories on how it’ll end. I don’t mind it though.