‘The Flash’: Barry to Get a New Suit in Season 5

The CW

The Flash: Barry to Get a New Suit in Season 5

As we get closer to the return of our favorite TV shows in the fall, we’re starting to get more and more news regarding what’s in store for the new season. The CW recently released a new poster for Season 5 of The Flash, which features Barry in a brand new Flash suit.

New season, new suit. The Flash premieres Tuesday, October 9 on The CW!

Posted by The Flash on Friday, August 10, 2018

The new suit does away with the gold detailing present on previous suits, and there appear to be more armor-like pieces over the leather and spandex.  This is most visible on Barry’s bicep. Actor Grant Gustin shared a photo via Instagram giving fans a better look at the overall appearance of the suit. And he loves the new style.

When The Flash returns in October, Barry will be facing a completely new challenge as the final moments of Season 4 had him and Iris coming face-to-face with their future daughter, Dawn. She asks for her parents’ help, saying she made a terrible mistake in coming back to the past, though she was instrumental in helping Barry defeat DeVoe. In the SDCC trailer for Season 5, Dawn gives Barry the iconic Flash ring that contains his super suit (which fans have been clamoring for since Season 1). So perhaps this new look is what comes out of the ring.

The Flash returns for its fifth season Tuesday, October 9 on The CW.