‘The Flash’ Recap ‘Snow Pack’

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The Flash Recap ‘Snow Pack’

Iris is not happy that Barry made the decision to take Nora back to the future without consulting her. Barry was emotional in that moment and thought that Iris would be on his side in the matter, but she’s not. Iris has forgiven Nora for her betrayal, seeing it from her daughter’s point of view. Barry is a bit hurt that Iris isn’t as affected by the Thawne reveal as he is. He tells her that maybe she would be more on his side if her mother had been killed by him right in front of her. I thought for a second that Iris was going to say that her fiancé committed suicide in order to stop Thawne, but she didn’t. They leave, both incredibly angry with each other. In the future, Nora of course turns to Thawne. She wants to get back and knows that he can teach her how to do it. Thawne tells her that in order to do so, she has to use the negative of the Speed Force so Barry doesn’t pick up on her presence. Nora’s training begins.

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Icicle is back and he’s coming for Caitlin and Carla, who are forced to work through their differences while taken captive by the evil meta. Caitlin is upset that her mother never told her that her father was still alive, but Carla responds that she kept it a secret because of the monster Thomas had become. In turn, Carla is mad that Caitlin didn’t mention that the monster was now in complete control. Icicle appears, taking Carla away, and revealing that what he wants most is his family back. In order to do that, he’s going to use Caitlin’s blood to turn his wife into a metahuman. Then, all three of them will have icy personas. Caitlin tricks Icicle into breaking the power-dampening cuffs, then comes to her mother’s rescue. Unfortunately, she has to make the choice between saving her mother from the machine or catching her father. Thankfully, Barry arrives. He saves Carla while Caitlin goes after Icicle. They fight and Icicle is about to kill Caitlin when Thomas breaks through, regaining control of his body.

Their happy reunion is cut short when Cicada 2 appears. She easily subdues Barry, forcing Caitlin to go toe-to-toe with with villainess. Unfortunately, Grace is too skilled. She beats Killer Frost and is about to kill her when Thomas takes the dagger to the back. Grace then takes the power cell from the machine Icicle created and flees. Thomas dies in his wife and daughter’s arms. Grace has kidnapped her younger self and upon returning with the tech, tells her coma form that it will happen soon. Is Grace going to wake herself up? Or use Icicle’s technology in order to make herself stronger? The tech did work in creating a meta, as we learn later that Carla was given icy abilities. They just don’t know that yet.

While all of this was going on, Iris made the decision to go to the future in the Time Sphere and talk to Nora. Once there, she finds Nora with Thawne, but no amount of reasoning can sway Nora. All she cares about as Iris tries to talk to her is that fact that Barry abandoned her again. She channels all of her emotion and rage, tapping into the negative Speed Force that Thawne created, running back into the past. Before Iris leaves, Thawne tells her that the only way to get Nora back is to do so as a family. She and Barry have to make up and approach their daughter together. In the present, Iris and Barry have a heart-to-heart and gain a better understanding of their actions. They may still be a little upset with each other, but they’re at least talking and working through their issues. Iris then tells Barry that Thawne looks at Nora the way Barry does. He really cares about her, though he is just manipulating her. Their going to have to figure things out fast though, as Nora appears in the present, her lightning now purple and red, her eyes glowing red like Reverse-Flash’s.

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This was a really strong episode, and, man, Grant Gustin and Candice Patton knocked that first scene out of the park. Their emotion was so raw and that whole scene was heartbreaking. Things are only going to get more intense when the Reverse-XS reveal takes place. Perhaps Barry disappearing has to do with the fact that Nora has become an evil version of herself. We still don’t know what Thawne’s ultimate goal is, but he did seem shaken when Nora ran away from him and Iris. Maybe it’s just because she’s now out of his control.

Next week’s episode is entitled ‘Gone Rogue.’


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