‘The Flash’ Recap ‘The Girl With the Red Lightning’

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The Flash Recap ‘The Girl With the Red Lightning’

It’s coming down the the wire in the fight against Grace. Now that she has the cryoatomizer and quantum tunnel convertor, which will allow her to release a virus, poisoning metahumans. The real quicker is that she will use the dark matter from the dagger in order to super-charge the process, spreading the virus nationwide. Team Flash decides to offer the cure to Central City, saving countless lives, but of course not everyone is going to want to take it. Joe, Cecile, and Caitlin lead the charge in administering the cure, actually underestimating the amount of people wanting to take it.

Meanwhile, Nora has been cleared of the negative energy from the Speed Force she created, but isn’t as over it as everyone thought. While trying to stop Grace, Nora and Grace’s connection triggers the red lightning. Barry and Iris bench Nora, fearful that Nora will lose out to the negative energy. Of course, Nora isn’t going to take that sitting down. She uses the mind device to figure out where Grace is, almost destroying Cisco’s lab in the process. When Barry and Iris interfere, she begs them to let her try again. She can see through Grace’s eyes, which means they can find her. Finally, Barry and Iris relent. Nora taps in, going even further into Grace’s mind once the villain figures out Nora is there. She tries to talk her out of her plan, but Grace is too far gone. Then, Nora sees that Grace is taking the virus to CCPD, where the cure is being given.

The showdown begins, and Barry is taken down pretty quickly. It’s then up to Caitlin, Ralph, and Cisco to stop the device. Caitlin and Ralph engage Grace while Cisco tries to deactivate the virus. He uses the future tech from Nora’s gauntlet in order to hack the system. Caitlin and Ralph are overtaken (and I thought Caitlin was in serious trouble after getting her head slammed into a pillar), and Grace busts through the ice wall to get to Cisco. But she’s too late. The device is disarmed. Grace is knocked out and it’s now time to take away the daggers powers. This whole time, though, Ralph has been trying to figure out why Reverse-Flash cared so much about Cicada and the dagger. Why he sent Nora back. Then, he realizes that the it’s the dagger. It didn’t originally exist. Ralph yells at Barry not to shoot the dagger, but it’s too late.

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And why is it important? Well, as Thawne is being led to his execution, his restraining jacket is removed and pressed up against his chest is Cicada’s dagger. It’s being used to suppress his powers, so if the dark matter is removed in the past, it won’t be able to stop him in the future. Now that’s he’s loose, what will that mean for Team Flash? One episode left in the season and I’m guessing Reverse-Flash is coming.

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Next week’s season finale is entitled ‘Legacy.’


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