‘The Originals’ Season 5 Episode 12 ‘The Tale of Two Wolves’ Recap

The CW

When faced with the inevitable fate Hope (Danelle Rose Russell) will most likely not survive her first “turn” after triggering her werewolf curse Klaus (Joseph Morgan) decides that his only option is returning to the one place where he knows they can find the answers they are so desperately needing Mystic Falls. Klaus brings Elijah (Daniel Gillies) to help protect Hope because he is the only other person Klaus truly trusts. However, Elijah is the last person Hope wants to spend the day being followed around Mystic Falls by. As they sit together in the famous Mystic Fall’s Square and ghosts from ‘Vampire Diaries‘ past appear from all directions and Elijah explains how horrible their childhood was and why their family bond is so strong as milkshakes are delivered by a friend of Hope’s from school. After she turns him down for a date, Elijah reminds her the full moon was not until much later in the night and she could have gone with the young man on the date. However, when she answers back that there was no need for a date that she will be dead soon Elijah remains stunned that she knew. Elijah confirms what Hope has been “feeling” in her body but assures that her father was working on a cure. Deciding it was time that Hope learned to drive, Elijah took for her driving lesson in a Bentley. After helping Hope seek revenge for a friend of hers, Elijah finds himself catching her as she collapses from fatigue. Hope finds herself face to face with her mother Haley (Phoebe Tonkin). The mother and daughter duo tearfully embrace as they realize what their meeting means. Haley tells Hope that she cannot stay with her but Hope apologizes to Haley blaming herself for her mother’s death, but Haley assures her she is happy. She shows her that she is there with Jackson, Nana Mary, her parents and a long line of faces of family and friends. Haley tells Hope it is not her time, that she must return to her life and not to return for a long time with many great stories however she did have something she needed Hope to do when she wakes up. Hope comes rushing back into her body unsure as to what had just happened. Later that night, Hope decided to attend the concert that her friend had asked to her attend with him earlier in the afternoon before transformation in downtown Mystic Falls. She sees Elijah sitting alone on a park bench and sits down beside him and passes on a message from her dream-like state from her mother that Haley will be holding out for that “dance on the other side” with Elijah. Again, this comment left Elijah stunned and without words. With that, he takes his leave and Hope spends the last little while of the concert dancing with her friend before time to leave for her transformation.

Klaus’s arrival at the Salvatore Boarding School for the Gifted is not entirely welcomed by Caroline (Candice King) until he explains why he has brought Hope to Mystic Falls but her concern deepens when he tells her that he came to her daughters for help to save Hope’s life. Caroline at first refuses to allow her daughters to be a part of this but Klaus begs her as Hope’s father to try and save her life. Caroline brings her daughters Lizzie (Allison Gobuzzi) and Josie (Bella Samman) together and asks if they will consider helping Hope. Trying their hand at bargaining they have a list of demands which Caroline quickly shoots down but soon a plan is in place. Of course, that plan quickly ends as Alaric Saltzman (Matthew Davis) puts an arrow through Klaus’s heart. Placing Klaus in the basement, Alaric and Caroline debate on helping Hope. Of course, Klaus has never been known to be taken down by an everyday stake, of course, interrupts the parent’s squabble. When he explains his plan to save his daughter in detail things change greatly for everyone involved even Alaric. Klaus knows that the Saltzman’s twins are powerful siphoning witches who can siphon out the black magic from inside Hope while she is in her transformation stage. What happens after that is where this fairytale breaks the hearts of the millions of ‘Originals’ fans around the world. Once they remove the black magic from inside Hope they will place it inside Klaus who will the take the last “White Oak Stake” in existence and use it on himself to ensure that the black magic is gone forever and can never harm Hope or the Mikaelson clan again. Caroline fights Klaus against this plan and tells him this would have been easier if he had just stayed “the big bad wolf” he had always been in their history books. Caroline in true Caroline style does not go down without a fight and tells Elijah about Klaus’s plan which comes to a head to head fight, but Klaus bound and determined that his daughter live a long life and that the only person he has ever truly trusted must watch over her gets the upper hand. Rushing out he grabs Hope, they rush to the woods where she drinks the siphoning potion the Saltzman twins created as she starts her transformation. Klaus looks her in the eyes as she starts and tells her how much he loves her and how free she will feel soon and how proud he is of her and smiles as he witnesses her beautiful wolf form as she runs off free for the first time as the twins have removed the black magic.  He returns to the circle where they are waiting, and the magic enters his body just as Elijah arrives.  With the White Oak Stake at his heart, he prepares to make the ultimate sacrifice for those he loves Always and Forever…..