‘The Originals’ Season 5 Episode 9 ‘We Have Not Long To Love’ Recap

The CW

As the Mikaelson clan start a family reunion 7 years in the making, not everyone is welcomed to the party. As a warm family breakfast with Klaus (Joseph Morgan) Hope (Danielle Rose Russell) and Freya (Riley Voelkel) turns cold when Elijah (Daniel Gillies) joins them, things are tense. We realize that the damage done by the tragedy of Haley’s death has left Hope not only full of anger and resentment, but she is now also full of the black magic that was once inside her loved ones. The combination is a deadly one when the two come together. Even though Hope says she is okay after the spell that set her family free Klaus knows that something is wrong, and he holds Freya responsible because she helped Hope with the spell that allowed her to absorb the black magic. After Hope’s special bracelet fails to keep the black magic from taking hold, Hope realizes just how bad her situation really is. The black magic is only happy when she gives into her violent tendencies.

A heartbroken Declan (Torrance Coombs) arrives back to New Orleans after receiving a voicemail that Haley had died. Angry and saddened he confronts Freya for answers about Haley’s death and funeral. He doesn’t accept the story that Haley died in a car accident after her “brakes failed” and leaves frustrated. Elijah pays Declan a visit at the bar to try in some way to bring comfort to Declan to ease his conscious for his role in Haley’s death. Declan confides that he had planned to purpose to Haley when he returned but that she probably would have said no because she was still in love with her ex. Declan soon realizes that Elijah was the ex that Haley was still in love with. Hope arrives looking for Declan’s help only to find Elijah there and soon she loses some of her control of the black magic and her anger and Elijah suffers from the consequences. Klaus arrives in time to stop Hope but not before Declan sees more than his mortal eyes were meant too. Elijah explains everything to Declan about what they are but for Haley’s sake compels him to only remember his love for Haley and hers for him and walks away.

Meanwhile, the vampire purists are trying to force the werewolves back to the Bayou by bullying and threatening them. Even though the werewolves are in mourning in the wake of losing Haley they are not going down without a fight. They also have a couple of vampires on their side Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) and Josh (Steven Krueger) decide to do and little banishing of their own and decide to force vampire purist out of New Orleans. As the fight between the two sides heats up with a bombing that kills Lisina (Alexis Louder) and two more innocent werewolves. Marcel vows that the vampires will not kill more innocent people in his name. The showdown in the streets of New Orleans comes down to a face-off between the werewolves, witches, Vincent (Yusuf Gatewood), Marcel and Josh on one side and the vampires on the other. When the vampires ask Vincent if the werewolves are worth dying over he answers with “hell yes they are”. Emmet (Robert Baker) says that Vincent chose the wrong side and reveals that the entire vampire gang was just an astral projection. Vincent realizes that they were going to punish him for choosing the wrong side and starts running to the cemetery where Ivy (Shiva Kalaiselvan) and other witches are holding a ceremony honoring the dead. An unknown witch hands them a poisoned drink and before Vincent can get to Ivy and the others they succumb to the poison. Leaving Vincent holding Ivy’s lifeless body in his arms.

This was an emotional episode not so much a tear jerker as the last two weeks, but it was one that brings out the anger inside you. You know what I mean when you watch an episode and you just get angry? The vampire purists are really making me angry, but what is worse is they are doing exactly what Marcel did in the beginning. Now, I like Marcel. However, Marcel has changed and sees why it was wrong then. I do know I do not want to be the vampires next week. Vincent is a powerful witch. He has maintained his “Glenda the Good Witch” reputation for a while now, however, after tonight I feel like he will be riding a bike and screaming “I’ll get you my pretty and your little dog too”!  He has practiced his fair share of black magic. What I am hoping to see is that if Hope’s only “relief” from the black magic is violence, then Klaus and Vincent let her loose on the vampire group and let her have all the relief she needs. I also wanted to mention a story line that I did not add to the recap, but I loved. It’s when Freya proposes to Killian (Christina Marie Moses) following the bombing, and she says yes. It was a very sweet and romantic moment. We are on the last stretch of episodes, and I am getting sad as the series will be ending soon.