‘The Perfectionists’ Recap “Enter the Professor”

Freeform/Allyson Riggs

Caitlin tells Booker the whole story, Jeremy was stalking Nolan and killed him. Claire is grateful and apologizes for thinking they had anything to do with his death.

Caitlin refuses to go to D.C. despite her mothers’ urges. If she stays at BHU, she’s completely cut off. Dylan, officially not expelled, offers to let her stay with him and Andrew.

Speaking of cut off, Ava’s father shows up in her bedroom, he wants to come home and has a plan to make things right. Unfortunately, he needs her help. Almost like clockwork, Booker visits and makes a deal, turn in her father and Ava will get the money back. If she doesn’t, Booker will turn Ava in. Ava refuses to help both Booker and her father.

Freeform/Allyson Riggs

Ali, questioning why she’s in Oregon books, a flight back to Rosewood with the still jobless Mona. While packing, Mason pays a visit to tell her to stay. He convinces Mona to go to Claire and get her job back. Mason has been a busy boy.

Ali gets a suspicious invitation to the Crimson Society. Ava, Mona, Dylan, and Caitlin got one too. Maybe the society can help them stay at BHU. Instead, the liars are treated to a video of what really happened at the lake with Jeremy. This is an experiment? To remain free, the liars have to listen to the voice of Nolan’s real killer and do as he/she says. Surveillance was phase one. Now they’re entering phase two and participation in the professor’s game is mandatory. 

The liars obey The Professor’s task and reveal what they fear the most. The Professor is always watching.

Freeform/Allyson Riggs

We’ve made it to the finale, barely. I knew things were too good to be true when the episode began. The new “A” revealed him/her self and is called The Professor. As always, I have questions: What exactly is Jeremy guilty of, what is RiverWell, why did the Beacon Guard hacker target the liars, what all does Claire know and of course, who is The Professor? Also, I don’t fully believe Luke was going to tell Dylan that he is gay, is he the Professor? Next season is going to be interesting.


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