‘The Perfectionists’ Recap “Hook, Line and Booker”

Freeform/Allyson Riggs

Beacon Guard is spying on everyone, even in the bathroom. The liars are not making things easy for themselves… Booker already knows about Dylan cheating, Caitlin and Jeremy, and well, everything.

Zach and Ava got an A on their project #zava and a little spark starts to form. Zach reminds her of Nolan and she begins to spiral back into her day drinking mode. Knowing that Nolan would want her to be happy, Ava meets up with Zach to hang out.

Freeform/Scott Patrick Green

It turns out that Ava did not delete Dylan’s recording, leading to a big fight in the quad. Seeing the fight, Booker offers Dylan a lifeline. She asks him to reveal where Ali, Caitlin, and Ava were the night Nolan died. She even offers to keep quiet about ratting them out and will give him an ironclad alibi. He caves, kind of. He lied to her to get her to confess on tape.

It’s faculty appreciation day and the Taylor is officially out of the bag, so to speak. During a speed dating exercise, Taylor gives Mona a truth detector to use on Booker. Asking Mona to play nice with Taylor is like asking a cat to not knock something over, she’ll do what she wants if it benefits her.

Freeform/Scott Patrick Green

Claire announces that BHU will no longer focus strictly on academics and pressure and perfection, it will also focus on being well rounded. Claire feels the students will be safer and more balanced. Taylor sees right through it. Maybe Claire should also revisit the student-faculty relationship clause because I’m pretty sure a Mason/Mona relationship is frowned upon.


Ok, what is up with Jeremy and why is his windshield cracked? Did he run over Caitlin? Destroying your shady laptop just made you seem even shadier than before! Also, something seems off about Gabriel, I mean, other than being in an open marriage. Another also, I don’t trust Taylor. Two episodes left this season? Time sure flies when you’re solving murders and keeping secrets.


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