‘The Perfectionists’ recap “Lost and Found”

Freeform/Allyson Riggs

Caitlin is hospitalized after being hit by a car. She’s fine and Ava and Dylan apologize to each other and decide to trust each other. Ali and Mona join them in the hospital and discuss the previous night’s activities. Ava and Dylan want to go to the cops? No one ever does that! Maybe the new generation is smarter than we thought. Wait, Booker is covering the investigation? This time they’re smart to not go to the cops.

Freeform/Allyson Riggs

Mona offers to help Ali find Taylor while Ali advises the fashion show. She goes to the trailer but no luck. Ava isn’t haven’t much luck either. Her entire set is falling apart. While running through slides, Ali realizes Taylor is in the cemetery.

At the cemetery, Ali tells Taylor that the dead girl should live again. Taylor decides to come home to her mother. Back at the trailer, Mona finds a remote to a computer screen. Mona explores the computer to learn more about Taylor. She finds out that Mason is already back at Beacon Heights, which shouldn’t be possible. She also gets a notice that Nolan Hotchkiss is at her apartment? That is definitely not possible.

Freeform/Allyson Riggs

Caitlin’s mother came to visit but Caitlin is not happy considering she cheated on her other mom and asks Caitlin to keep quiet about it. Cheaty mom may soon be Governor mom? After hours, Mason pays Caitlin a visit- to finish what he started. By that, he means tell Caitlin that he ditched the crew team and was Nolan’s insurance policy.

Ava and Dylan sneak out of the fashion show to get Mason’s phone before he gets back from the crew trip. They have one hour to scavenge through a sewer. They find a balloon (IT!) and Ava falls (was pulled) into the sewer. He goes down to help her but they were not alone. Booker… she got to the phone first, Mason is innocent.

Freeform/Allyson Riggs


So what is Mason guilty of? I’m not sure. Back to square one- who killed Nolan and ran over Caitlin and ? This episode was interesting. I’m noticing a lot of similarities to Pretty Little Liars. I enjoy this but I hope they don’t get too similar. All I know is Ali was born to be a mentor, she got Taylor to come back in record time! Ava rocked her fashion show and even though Andrew missed Dylan’s performance, I think they’ll be ok.


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