‘The Perfectionists’ Recap “The Ghost Sonata”

Freeform/Scott Patrick Green

Ali drops some knowledge on the liars about telling people their secrets, that way they’ll be able to trust each other and grow closer. Dylan decides to tell Andrew his secrets first. Caitlin tells Ali about Jeremy before opening up to Ava and admitting to being the rat. Ali never said there wouldn’t be consequences to telling the truth.

Mason thinks he can worm his way into being the next Nolan by controlling the liars. After all, he does know all their secrets. Caitlin tries to get him to confess while she secretly records the conversation. Mason reveals that he knows about Jeremy, which scares Caitlin. Should she tell Jeremy what’s going on or lie to him?

Freeform/Scott Patrick Green

Mona had created a program that finds intelligent people and it matched Caitlin with Ali and… who the hell is Ray Hogadorn? More importantly, who is this Bad Bishop? Mona seems almost infatuated with him or her and agrees to meet in person. Instead, she tracks down Ray who happens to be the janitor that almost killed her earlier.

Emily and Ali are getting divorced and while signing the papers, Ali gets inspired to find “The Emerald City.” She follows Taylor’s made up map to a trailer in the middle of the woods. Ali finds Taylor who freaks out and locks her in the trailer. Ali, darling, you should know by now to not trap yourself in small places.

Freeform/Scott Patrick Green

When Ava texted Caitlin and signed it “A” my stomach dropped. So much happened in this episode, but the action was kind of slow in this episode. Is Mason the new A? If so, that’s incredibly sneaky to have the liars know A from the getgo. I am sad that Emison is getting divorced. They hinted at what happened, but I hope we get a flashback with Shay Mitchell. Also, is Ava’s dad back?


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