‘The Riverdale’ recap “Chapter 66: Tangerine”

Polly attacked a nurse can’t remember anything, including a mysterious phone call. Coincidentally, Alice receives the same call and comes after Betty with a knife. Snap! Like Polly, she was hypnotized. This has Evelyn written all over it. Betty visits her at Shankshaw Prison and learns the trigger word: Tangerine. Repeated 3 times.

Jughead finished his Baxter Brothers assignment and it was so good that he won the ghostwriter contract! Before taking the contract, he visits his grandfather in the woods. The OG FP admits that he wrote the first Baxter Brothers story and sold it to DuPont for $5,000… Jughead takes the contract and was summoned to the North Woods for a Quill and Skull initiation.

Jack Rowand/The CW

Hiram, still mad that Veronica turned Harvard down, is sabotaging her college applications. He also revoked the speakeasy’s liquor license. To get back at him, Veronica consults her Abuelita. Grandma Lodge is appalled by her son’s actions and gives Veronica the family rum recipe. Hiram, again getting revenge, called for the Colombia University recruiter to visit her at the speakeasy, oh! and he is patenting the rum recipe. Luckily, her shot at Colombia was not damaged.

Jack Rowand/The CW

To get Archie to stop being a vigilante, FP dawns his serpent jacket and helps scare the bad guys. #streetjustice Revenge catches up with them and FP gets shot at Pop’s. Archie gets his revenge… in front of the kids.

Cheryl releases bug bombs in Thistlehouse to catch a roach, well Penelope. Cheryl puts her on trial like the Red Queen from Alice’s Adventures. Penelope is responsible for the “Thistlehouse hauntings.” Cheryl banishes Penelope to the bunker and finally buries Jason, for good this time.

Jack Rowand/The CW

Tangerine is an interesting trigger word. I really want to focus on Betty and Jughead’s storylines, but Hiram is so distracting. He’s threatened by his daughter and seems to be trying way too hard to beat her… How fragile can you be to want to destroy your own daughter? Like isn’t it a parents’ job to HELP their kid succeed and live a better life than they did? Other than that, Veronica and Kevin’s duet paired with Archie’s fight scene was amazing!

So much happened in this episode, it was unreal! OMG did Betty kill Jughead? We’ll find out January 22, when new episodes are back!

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