The Walking Dead’s Carl and Siddiq Reunited On Talking Dead

Credit: AMC

Last night on Talking Dead, AMC’s The Walking Dead’s Carl (Chandler Riggs) and Siddiq (Avi Nash) were reunited.

Spoilers ahead, so don’t go any further if you don’t want your day ruined! Or maybe your day was ruined anyway if you watched last night’s episode titled, “Open Your Eyes.”

Due to the death of Siddiq, it was the perfect time to have Chandler and Avi on the Talking Dead couch together and Chris Hardwick captured the two of them together perfectly!



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Thank you to Chandler Riggs and Avi Nash for pudding on a great show last night. #walkingdead #thewalkingdead #talkingdead

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Although we’re sad to Siddiq die on the show, it was definitely great to see the two of them still together.  However, was Carl’s sacrifice for Siddiq to live worth it? We discussed that question in more in our review of last night’s episode.

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