‘The Walking Dead’: Character’s Body Shown in New Image From Mid-Season Premiere

Gene Page/AMC
The first official image from The Walking Dead season 9 mid-season premiere is showing a dead character as the group journeys back to Hilltop.
Caution: Spoilers ahead…
We lost a beloved character during the mid-season finale of season 9. Jesus began fighting off a herd of walkers with some sweet moves to protect his group while they try and get a wounded Eugene to safety. As he fights one of them, it pulls out a knife and stabs him. This is the first time we see The Whisperers and what they are truly capable of. They leave Jesus dead on the gropund, with close firend Aaron crying over him.
Jesus was the leader at Hilltop in Maggie’s absense, and Tara had been convincing him to take the role on full-time. Now with Jesus gone, it may be Tara taking over.
Entertainment Weekly released the picture, which shows Magna and Eugene on the back of horses. on the third horse, Jesus’ body drapes lifelessly. Aaron, Michonne and Daryl walk ahead.
During Walker Stalker Con New Jersey, Payne was asked if we will see Jesus again whether in the films AMC announced, or even as a walker.

As far as the next episode goes, there’s a decision as far as what has to happen now. They have Jesus’ body, there’s all these walker whisperers around them. And then there’s the 6 year time jump with several mysteries like the X’s, and Jesus might have a hand in a lot of that. There’s a bit of time where we don’t know what happened.

He also explained why he loved, and was a bit sad about the death of Jesus,

I love how the Whisperers were introduced. I know it was sad and shock for people, but I love that. For me, that’s what the show should be. I love how it was a complete surprise. I think you’re gonna love the rest of the season because The Whisperers are something else.

The Walking Dead returns February 10th, 2019.