The Walking Dead Casting Rumor: Was Kevin Hart Cast as “Ezekiel”?


Spoiler alert !
This article contains spoilers from ‘The Walking Dead’ Seasons 6 and 7.

A month after the casting call for this role, has the actor chosen to play “Ezekiel” been found?

Norman Reedus posted a photo with Kevin Hart on his Twitter account.

Then jokester Michael Traynor (Nicholas) answered to Norman Reedus.


Reminder : In the comics, Ezekiel is the self-proclaimed King of The Kingdom and is described as “flamboyant and wise, nice and weird.” As a former zookeeper, he has a pet tiger named, Shiva and is super important to Rick and his group as they seek revenge on the Saviors.

Now we can be pretty sure that Ezekiel will appear in Season 7 !
But, is he going to be accompanied by Shiva ?
Now, we will have to wait until October to find it out !

If this casting rumor is true, isn’t Kevin hart a little short to play Ezekiel? What do you think?



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