‘The Flash’: Tom Felton Wants to Return as Julian Albert

Photo: Alyssa Tieman

The Flash: Tom Felton Wants to Return as Julian Albert

During Season 3 of The Flash, we met Julian Albert, played by Harry Potter star Tom Felton. Julius wasn’t a big fan of Barry’s and was unknowingly the antagonist Dr. Alchemy. After learning the truth, however, Julian warms up a bit to Barry and Team Flash, working with them at the end of the season. And then, Julian was gone. During LeakyCon Dallas 2019, Felton took the stage to answer fan questions, and addressed his short time on The Flash.

The Flash/The CW

Felton was on holiday in Hawaii when he got the call about joining the show, saying that he had never seen a single episode before then. He told them that he would watch a couple episodes and see if he liked it. Laughing, he admitted to watching about 45 episodes in two days. “Hell yeah,” he said. “I want to be part of Team Flash.”

When Season 4 kicked off, there was no mention of Julian, and he has been absent ever since. Felton wants to return, though, as he had a blast working on the show. Despite butting heads with everyone on Team Flash, Felton made friends with everyone in real life.

“I miss all those guys desperately. Grant Gustin and I are still very close friends. There’s talks of a comeback. Well, I mean, I haven’t spoken to anyone officially, but me and Grant are campaigning just because we miss each other.”

The Flash/The CW


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