Lucasfilm Announces Triple Force Friday


Just about every fall, since 2015, Force Friday has been held at various stores that Star Wars merchandise is sold at. Force Friday is a day when a large number of Star Wars merchandise is released. For the most part, these are toys that are related to the Star Wars movie getting released during the next December.

On Friday, Lucasfilm announced Triple Force Friday! Triple Force Friday will occur on October 4. This in-store event is going to be known as Triple Force Friday because it will launch products that coincide with three major Star Wars releases, rather than the usual one movie. These releases are Respawn’s upcoming Star Wars video game title, Jedi: Fallen Order; the upcoming live-action series, The Mandalorian; and of course, Episode IX.

Star Wars fans like me haven’t seen a major release since last May when Solo: A Star Wars Story came out. That makes it really exciting for us to feel the hype build for three releases happening later this year.

With many stores around the world participating in Triple Force Friday, the event will begin at 12:01 AM on October 4.