WATCH: Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling Completely Lose It in Morning Interview


We all know that on top of Ryan Gosling’s dreaminess, he’s got one heck of an infectious laugh. But have you guys ever seen Harrison Ford completely lose it with laughter? Well, you’re about to!

During a visit to British talk show This Morning to promote Blade Runner 2049, the two laughed their butts off while being interviewed by Alison Hammond (who has an equally infectious laugh) and we must say our days were made all the better by it.

At one point during the interview, Ms. Hammond and Harrison were hitting it off so well, she commented, “Harrison, you’re my man! Get out of the way, Ryan!,” leading Ryan to volunteer to help the camera crew. Ryan would later comment on the famous photo of Harrison accidentally punching him in the face during a scene, saying “You know, they say ‘Don’t meet your heroes.’ I would say ‘Don’t get punched by them.'”

The film – which opens tomorrow – has already received high critical reception and is expected to gross $100 million dollars worldwide.