Watch How Zachary Levi Turns James Corden into the Superhero ‘Speed Goat’

CR: Steve Wilkie/ & © DC Comics

One thing we can all agree on; we all want to be a superhero. James Corden is no exception to this, and that’s why Zachary Levi was ready to help him turn into the hero he wants to be! Take a look at the full video below:

Not everything turns out to be like James Corden wants it to be. It starts off with Levi telling Corden he can make him a superhero. Just like in the movie, Levi presents the staff to Corden and tells him to say his name. After that, they start to test Corden’s superpowers, to see if he can do anything out of the ordinary. Of course, the whole thing is hilarious, from trying to rip paper in two, running at the speed of light (which is not as fast as James Corden a.k.a. Speed Goat thinks he is), to the point that Zachary Levi sets up a robbery so that James Cordon can use his fast-growing goaty to stop a robber from stealing a purse from a lady so that he would feel better.

With the superpower of having a goaty grow out of his chin every time he says Shazam, super speed (not really), and superhearing (also, not really), he’s reborn as Speed Goat! I loved how they used some elements from the movie to make it recognizable and funny at the same time. The moment James Corden took out a donut, killed me.

“Speed Goat, to the rescue!”

Shazam! is in theaters now. Who’s going to see it this weekend?