Wentworth Miller Signs New Contract with Warner Bros.

Wentworth Miller Signs New Contract with Warner Bros.

Following the events of last week’s episode of Legends of Tomorrow, it was revealed that Wentworth Miller (who plays Leonard Snart/Captain Cold) would not return as a series regular for season two (Entertainment Weekly). Spoiler alert: Snart was killed in an explosion after he sacrificed himself to save the team. We were all upset to see him go, but lucky for us, his status change is not bad news. Fans of the captain can rest easy knowing that Miller has signed a new contract with Warner Bros. that will make him a universe regular. Hooray! That wasn’t the last we will see of Snart!

This new contract gives Miller the flexibility to film the special event of Prison Break, while also allowing him to appear in any of DC’s shows. We will most certainly be seeing him return to Legends of Tomorrow and The Flash, but this also gives him the opportunity to travel to Arrow and now Supergirl. Since the Suicide Squad has been removed from Arrow, maybe we can get a Rouge episode. I can’t imagine Oliver facing off against Snart.

Congratulations to Miller on his new contract. We are incredibly happy that you are not gone for good!

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