What Do You Get When you Crossover Flynn Rider and Shazam?

Warner Bros./DC

I’m a woman who loves her art, and I can really appreciate when people go all out, and especially if they do crazy crossovers. BossLogic is one of those artists that completely stole my heart in the last 24 hours. He made the ultimate crossover, which no one thought (or dared) to do. What if I tell you, you could crossover Flynn Rider and Shazam into one character? Impossible? Well, mix two awesome characters into one, add a few drops of ridiculous ideas into one pot… and you get the best idea in a lifetime. BossLogic just proved everyone’s impossible thoughts wrong with these two astonishing images he made.

Not only did he steal my heart with his artwork, even Zachary Levi retweeted his artwork saying he has outdone himself. We are unconditionally in love with this crossover, and he also went all out and showed Dwayne Johnson‘s Maui from the Moana Disney movie as Black Adam. Even though Black Adam will not appear in the upcoming Shazam movie, fans are still very excited to see Black Adam and Shazam cross paths in the future.

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Do you want to see more crazy crossovers like Elsa as Harley Quinn? Do check out more of BossLogic’s original art on his social media pages. I promise you that you will not regret that decision.

You can also buy prints of his work on the Inprnt website.