What I Love Wednesday: The Big Bang Theory


With the series finale airing tomorrow evening, this is a great time for another “What I Love Wednesday” segment, Big Bang style!

I was starting high school when this show premiered and have watched it since the very beginning. This show quickly became the new Friends for me. You know, the show you can watch all day, every day, on repeat because it brings you joy. The Big Bang Theory is that show for me. As I grew up, I understood more of the humor and realized the show was much deeper than the comedy I watched at 14 years-old.


The story of four scientists embracing their nerdy sides resonated with me. These characters can’t help but be themselves and they thrive because of it. This message is timeless. Everything these characters did, From Sheldon to Stuart, was completely true to themselves and I never questioned why they acted the way they did. Because these characters felt like real people, I allowed myself to get sucked into their lives. This show is more relatable to me on a level Friends wasn’t.

This show was funny and informative and I actually learned things from it. I even used it in my Masters Thesis. Remember when Penny wanted to impress Leonard by learning about his work and science? The Fig Newton line (The town in Massachusetts, not the guy) came in handy when writing my thesis. I never thought a great comedy show could actually teach you about science.


A huge part of what made this show special to me was that I would watch it with my father, Paul. He’s a research professor with a Ph.D. in chemistry with a masters in chemical engineering and if you thought Sheldon was intense and over the top, my dad has stories of people he’s worked with that are much worse.

“For me, the show was difficult to watch at first because it hit very close to home with me being an academic researcher in the physical sciences. While most viewers reveled in the comedy, I was feeling the struggle of the characters as they dealt with their intense passion for the science but longed for social interactions. However, life has a way of intruding and BBT wove a wonderful story of dealing with life from the top edge of the bell curve,” he said. “It has been a long and wonderful journey with uncounted memorable moments and I will miss it. The realness of the characters and the actors’ abilities to connect with the audience are elements of the show that made it great. I also applaud the fact that the show brought real cutting edge science to prime time TV.”

Now we have new Young Sheldon episodes to laugh out loud to on Thursday nights, but it’s not going to be the same.


I’ve recapped this wonderful show since I started writing for FanFest.com in season 9, (Holy cow, that’s four seasons!) and I’m grateful for every minute! Writing my final Big Bang recap tomorrow, even thinking about it, is making me incredibly sad. I owe a lot to this show.

I could write a novel with how much this show means to me. This show is my favorite for very personal reasons and maybe one day I will pen a more in depth tribute.


It all started with a BIG BANG!


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