‘Whiskey Cavalier’ May Be Getting a Second Season After All

Well, we may get to pour another round of Whiskey Cavalier after all. According to TVLine, the recently canceled ABC dramedy starring The Walking Dead’s Lauren Cohan and Scandal’s Scott Foley is under consideration to be saved by the network for a midseason sophomore run.

“[ABC] is taking another quick look at the feasibility of renewing the show, and conversations are ongoing. We expect a fast decision, probably by the end of this week,” an ABC source confirmed to TVLine

CR: ABC/Larry D. Horricks
CR: ABC/Larry D. Horricks

Last week at the Disney/ABC Upfronts presentation, ABC Entertainment president Karey Burke confirmed the series’ cancellation, citing it as the toughest call the network made this season.

“It was a tough decision, it was the last decision we made. We thought we gave it a very strong launch in spring. But we lost audience. We felt the biggest opportunity was to try something new. We looked for other time slots but did not see a real opportunity to grow.”

However, when Whiskey Cavalier aired its “series” finale this past Wednesday, it did so to 3.8 million viewers and a 0.7 demo rating, giving the series it’s highest ratings in 11 weeks. That may have been thanks in part to creator Bill Lawrence who encouraged audiences to tune in and show ABC just how much love there is for the freshman series. Not to mention, the episode did end on a cliffhanger of sorts, so there are quite a number of fans looking for some sort of closure!

The series followed tough but tender FBI super-agent Will Chase  (code name: “Whiskey Cavalier” played by Foley) who was assigned to work with badass CIA operative Frankie Trowbridge (code name: “Fiery Tribune” played by Cohan). Together, they had to find a way to work together alongside an inter-agency team of flawed, funny and heroic spies who periodically save the world – and each other – while navigating the rocky roads of friendship, romance, and office politics.

Do you want to see Whiskey Cavalier saved and given a second season? Let us know!

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