‘Young Sheldon’ recap “A Loaf Of Bread And A Grand Old Flag”


There is something wrong with Sheldon’s sandwich. Mary claims she didn’t change anything, but he insists on doing science. The bread is funky.

Sheldon calls the Happy Harth to complain. Corporate America is apparently ruining bread. Sheldon starts a petition against the company. Channel 7 News shows up to interview him. The interview doesn’t go well. The news spins it to make it look like he wants Communism.


All hell breaks loose now that everything thinks the Coopers are pro-Communist. George’s job is in jeopardy and Meemaw is forced to sing and dance outside her house.

George goes on air to set the record straight.


Veronica is upset because Dustin broke up with her. Georgie has made it his mission to cheer her up. She doesn’t think he’s capable of just being her friend. Veronica is so sweet, she sees past Sheldon’s blip and treats Georgie like always had.


Honestly, I’m surprised this doesn’t happen to Sheldon more often. Remember the time Sheldon tried needed a ton of Americium 241? I wonder what he’ll get into next?