‘Young Sheldon’ Recap “A Nuclear Reactor And A Boy Called Lovey”

Georgie still has a huge crush on Veronica and apologizes for what happened last episode. Unfortunately, she has a boyfriend. Mary tries to make him feel better but he’s upset and can’t get over thinking of her with another boy. He writes her a love letter but a bully intercepts it and reads it aloud. Humiliated, Georgie wants to move to Alaska.


Sheldon is concerned about electricity and becomes interested in nuclear reactors. He needs radioactive materials. Dr. Sturgis advises him to get Americium 241 so acquires a bunch of faulty smoke detectors. Men in suits come to visit Sheldon. He might be in a little bit of trouble.

John invites Meemaw to an event at the university: 6 pm, business attire, eat first. Everyone at the party is a scientist except Meemaw and she’s worried she won’t fit in. Quite the opposite happens, one of John’s colleagues flirts with her. She as a great time after all.


This episode was adorable, I loved how even the storylines were. Sometimes it seems like a few characters get left out. Missy was hilarious as always and so was Mary! She has her moments and she was so funny this episode. I also really felt for Georgie, the first heartbreak always hurts the worst. And thank god I have a chemist for a dad, I couldn’t remember (or spell) Americium 241 for the life of me.