‘Young Sheldon’ recap “A Political Campaign and a Candy Land Cheater”


Sheldon has established a dislike for biology for quite some time, especially since the equipment is obsolete. Feeling that the school’s funding is unfairly distributed, Sheldon first writes a strongly worded letter. When that fails he runs for student body president.


Sheldon tries his hardest to campaign and get people to like him by passing out pencils buttons and cupcakes. Sheldon even offers to make Georgie a hall monitor. Georgie thinks it’s embarrassing but Veronica thinks it’s cute.

Sheldon made the mistake of revealing that he loves homework and Nell Cavanaugh uses that against him. Meemaw suggests he fight fire with fire. He has to get over his fear of public speaking first. George helps Sheldon fight this by saying he’s incredibly brave for being ten-years-old and running for president, but also that teenagers don’t listen anyway.


Missy gives Sheldon information to use against Nell. He doesn’t want to use it until Nell outs him for not liking football and for being an atheist. Sheldon takes no mercy and reveals Nell to not be a native of Texas. Brutal but effective, Sheldon wins the election.


Sheldon has been getting on my nerves lately, but this episode was pretty great. Sheldon didn’t completely get his way and he even needed some help to win the president position. I’m really looking forward to next weeks episode since this one was so good.


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