‘Young Sheldon’ Recap “A Proposal and a Popsicle Stick Cross”


In small towns, people talk but they also take care of each other. Veronica is having a hard time and Mary offers to let her stay with them for a while. Georgie cleans up his room, shocking his parents, and even gets rid of his magazine collection.

Georgie ishows Veronica around and made a popsicle stick cross for her to feel more comfortable. She is moved to tears over his hospitality. At dinner, Veronica reveals that her family never eats together.


That night, Veronica dreams about kissing Georgie. Even she’s surprised by her feelings. To keep her out of the house, she offers to take Missy out for some girl time. When they get back, Veronica’s mother’s boyfriend shows up to bring her home. When Veronica refuses, he starts to get a bit aggressive leading Georgie to come to her rescue. Getting more aggressive, George knocks him out.

John invites Meemaw to dinner. They recreate their first date and because it’s their anniversary, but John has one more surprise up his sleeve- a marriage proposal! She says no and John leaves upset. Meemaw makes it up to him.


While Missy will always be my favorite character, Georgie was fantastic in this episode. He has been trying so hard to impress Veronica that I believe he’s actually changing. And when he came to her rescue, that was so sweet! I was so shocked that she started having feelings for Georgie, I wonder what she’ll do about it.


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