‘Young Sheldon’ Recap “A Race Of Superhumans And A Letter To Alf”


Missy wants Sheldon’s help with her math homework and he agrees thinking that if he can teach her, he can create anything, even superhumans. She begins to understand the homework and Sheldon feels compelled to extend his experiment.

Sheldon begins his video diary of the experiment. He tries to help educate Missy so she won’t feel dumb. When he hits a wall, the librarian suggests Skinner’s punishment and reward. He tries it with Celeste, Missy’s doll. When he cuts the doll’s hair, Missy punches him.


Veronica is back to attending Bible study which motivates Georgie to join as well. He showers and everything! He might be going to hell, but at least he’s happy.

Georgie goes to Church with Veronica and Mary. They pray for others and for themselves and Mary sees right through it. Veronica tells him that she’s getting baptized, he is too. Unfortunately, he can’t contain himself and kisses her. She punches him for it.


I love Georgie! He has become my favorite character. I loved his storyline and almost felt sad that Sheldon and Missy’s story intertwined with it. It was a good episode, I did like it. I just wish that I could’ve loved the whole thing.