‘Young Sheldon’ recap “A Slump, a Cross and Roadside Gravel”

Georgie tries out some get rich quick ideas and asks Sheldon how to extract platinum from gravel. To get him to help, Georgie plays the science experiment card.

They head out to a roadside to collect gravel. Well, Georgie collects the gravel, Sheldon watches from the car. Back at the garage, they begin to sift the gravel and Georgie says he cares so much about money so he can be rich and have a trophy wife.

George and Mary refuse to help them build a kiln so they sneak into the school to use the art class’. They didn’t sift the gravel enough and they burn their experiment. The next day Sheldon suggests Georgie invites a phone that holds music and has a camera… what a silly idea, right?

Eddy Chen/2020 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

Missy is in a slump and she continues to strikeout. Mary suggests praying. She tries it at practice and it works! Missy decides to wear a cross so God knows she means business. Mary gives her a beautiful cross.

Mary is concerned that Missy has the wrong idea about prayer. She asks for the cross back and Missy swears. Mary then prays to lead her family back to God.

At dinner, George tells Mary to give Missy the cross back because now Missy will be in her head since she doesn’t have her good luck charm. At the game, George tries to slip Missy her cross but she wants to try it on her own. The minute she gets a strike, she calls George for the cross.

Eddy Chen/2020 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

I liked how Georgie and Sheldon teamed up for this project, it was something we hadn’t seen yet. I also liked Missy’s storyline. It was adorable how she “prayed wrong” and how Mary knew she’d be the one to figure that out. I enjoyed this episode and can’t wait until next week!

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