‘Young Sheldon’ Recap “A Tummy Ache And A Whale Of A Metaphor”

Sheldon has a stomach ache and goes to see nurse Nora. She humors his hypochondria but this time his stomach ache isn’t going away. The pain is up to a 4.9!

He really isn’t feeling good so they go to the hospital. He has to have his gallbladder removed. Sheldon is being Sheldon and making the doctors feel small for where they went to medical school. Luckily, one of them had anesthesia.


Surgery went well but Sheldon wants to go home. Instead, he stays and drives the nurses crazy. He’s actually being quite a brat. Especially when he throws a fit over having a roommate. Thank god that nurse spoke up! Sheldon eventually warms up to his roommate and actually thanks the nurse for taking care of him.


Sheldon was super obnoxious this episode, thank god that nurse yelled at him! Ultimately, I liked this episode and I am very happy that he came around in the end. THANK YOU RICKY! Ricky made Sheldon see that he complains a lot but things could be so much worse. It was a beautiful message, hopefully, Sheldon remembers it.