‘Young Sheldon’ recap “An Academic Crime and a More Romantic Taco Bell”

John forgot he had class because he was working on a paper. This intrigues Sheldon so much that he even crawls into the front seat to read despite getting car sick.

Bill Inoshita/CBS

John made a mistake in his paper (the masses for his neutrinos is impossible) and George advises him to be nice when he brings it up. Sheldon offers his help and expects his name to be on the paper. But he didn’t co-write the paper.

To get back at John, Sheldon calls Dr. Linkletter, accusing him of plagiarism. Linkletter sides with John but promises to speak with him… John is insulted by this and doesn’t want Sheldon in his class anymore.

Bill Inoshita/CBS

Mary goes to Brenda’s for a team mom meeting. She’s in charge of the end of year trophies. She goes to the trophy store to order some and notices that there isn’t a trophy with a girl on it. The owner believes that girls don’t play baseball so Mary takes her business elsewhere. She believes in second chances, well, until the guy charges $50 for a custom trophy.

Mary makes a custom one for her but Missy wants a regular one like the rest of the team.

Bill Inoshita/CBS

Georgie takes Jenna on a date to ChiChi’s and he runs into Veronica, who works there. This gets him in trouble with Jenna. Luckily things aren’t awkward between him and Veronica.

Bill Inoshita/CBS


I ship Georgie and Veronica! They are so cute. But on a more personal note, as an academic myself, I find Sheldon to be incredibly selfish. He’s 10. He helped solve a problem, he didn’t co-write this paper… Yes him being 10 means he thought he was entitled to be a coauthor, but he needs to learn and accept the lesson. Even he should know ramifications of being accused of plagiarism.

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