‘Young Sheldon’ recap “Hobbitses, Physicses and a Ball with Zip”

You never know when scientific inspiration will strike. Sometimes it strikes at dinner and other times it keeps you up all night. Sheldon hasn’t been sleeping and has started biting his nails. Mary feels he may be obsessing a bit too much.

Meemaw suggests that Sheldon finds a new hobby to help him ease up on science. Bowling, comic books and Richard Simmons were no help. The librarian suggests he try fiction or fantasy since that’s the opposite of science. Cue The Lord of the Rings.


Finding plot holes in the book, Sheldon obsesses a lot more than before. He even imagines himself as Gollum and Smeagle…

Missy has a crush on a boy and wants to learn how to throw a ball. George is having a ball bonding with Missy over the sport. Missy is having a great time until she finds out the kid she has a crush on likes someone else. To make her feel better, they keep practicing so she can whip an apple at the kid.


This episode was cute. I enjoyed the daddy-daughter bonding time that George and Missy shared. That ending with the apple was beautiful, I loved the little giggle. Also, Sheldon introducing himself to LotR is pretty great, although I expected him to have read the series by now. I wonder what series he’ll discover next.

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