‘Young Sheldon’ recap “Pasadena”

Sheldon learns that Stephen Hawking is giving a lecture in Pasadena and bugs George to take him. Plane tickets and hotels are expensive so Sheldon visits a travel agent to see what he can do.

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Unfortunately, $95 each is still too expensive. So, he takes Missy’s advice and tries to let it go but everything reminds him of Hawking. John offers to help and gets the university to pay for Sheldon’s whole trip.

Missy is upset that Sheldon gets everything he wants. To cheer her up, Meemaw considers letting Missy get her ears pierced.

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Sheldon panics on the plane and hides in the bathroom. George calms him down by telling him to pretend to be Spock. This was adorable! George holds Sheldon’s hand during takeoff.

Sheldon loves CalTech and sees himself going there one day.

Meanwhile- Mary thinks Georgie has a girlfriend and wants to know more about Janna. She even spies on a phone call and overhears him making plans to go over when her parents aren’t home. He gets caught in a lie and is grounded. Georgie yells at her that she always sees the worst in him and he’s sorry she can’t be perfect like her. Mary then reveals that she wasn’t always perfect and that she worries about him.

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OMG the cafeteria! It still looks like that! I love it when there are callbacks (call forwards?) to The Big Bang Theory! See you all March 5th for the next episode!

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