‘Young Sheldon’ recap “Teenager Soup and a Little Ball of Fib”

Robert Voets/ 2019 Warner Bros.

Sheldon has many fears and one of those is the “big bowl of teenager soup” which is the swimming pool. How is Sheldon going to get out of water safety day?

George and Mary feel that Sheldon needs to learn to swim in case someone throws him into a pool. They decide to break the news to him and he throws a very lame tantrum. That night he dreams about a talking pool coercing him into swimming.

Michael Desmond/ 2019 Warner Bros.

Missy suggests that he pretend to be sick. He takes her up on that offer. Georgie and Missy give him pointers. Sheldon, riddled with guilt, goes to visit Billy who is actually sick to turn his lie into the truth.

Sheldon admits that he lied and throws Georgie and Missy under the bus.

Back at school, Sheldon takes his swimming test and due to his encounter with Billy, he is the reason the pool is full of germs.

Michael Desmond/ 2019 Warner Bros.

John learns of Connie’s new man and spies on him. He realizes he crossed a boundary and sends both Connie and Dale apology cookie cakes. Dale annoys Connie by making fun of John. But she can’t stay mad at him.


The origins of soft kitty! Is this the first time we’re hearing the song? I loved how many funny lines were in this episode, like John purchasing the cup! Nothing was funnier than that. I am proud of Sheldon for being a kid and faking sick. Great episode.


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